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Red, Gold and Green...
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Now it's final. She isn't coming back. She had a choice, and she chose him. It wasn't quite what i was hoping for, but there's nothing i can do to change anything. It all boils down to the fact that i couldnt make her happy, i guess. Now all i can do i play the cards i've been dealt. Hopefully everything will be ok.

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Im in New Orleans now. I'll be here for 3 years. Don't have a place to live yet. My wife left me.

Im just peachy.

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It's been a very long time since I've updated this thing, so I figured I would type a little stuff in this here box and let some people know what is going on in my life.

Im reaching the end of my contract in the USMC soon. The plan until a few days ago was to get out and go home. Now that I found a billet that I think i could enjoy opened up, Im applying for it. It everything works out I will be moving to Norfolk VA sometime in the next few months. Cheryl and I were just there a few weekends ago and really had a good time. Some friends of mine are there too, so Im pretty sure Ill like it better than NY.

Spunky (our goldfish) is doing well know thanks to the hard work of Cheryl. Id say with all of the problems she had, there was a 78% chance of death. But she made it YAY!

I got the Busket running (1985 Nissan Sentra Deisel) and have been driving it for the past few days. The brakes dies on it on our way home from the pet store yesturday, so, that's not good. Back to the BMW I guess.

Well, there is a lot more to talk about, but I am at work and I must be going. Everybody have a good day.


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I got hit by a Mink Car
Hit by a Mink Car
Driven by a Guitar
And the silver Chauffer says
That it's all in your head
When you're 24 carot dead
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Im finally home in Florida! It feels so good to be home!

Cheryl and I had another little adventure during our trip home. First we got these realy cheap tickets through Spirit Airlines, but we didnt have a ride to Laguardia. We decided to save some money, and instead of paying tons of money for a taxi we rented a car from our local airport to drop off at Laguardia. That was a good idea, until we realized how stupid Laguardia is. We couldnt find where to take the car back, and when we finally did we had missed our flight. We ended up taking another flight to Detroit and another flight from Detroit home. It cost the same, but it took us an extra 7 hours to get home.

Well, other than that, there isnt much I can think of to post right now.


and my phone is turned on!!! YAY! 321-693-1955

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Hey look! Im updating!

Yes friends, Im still in Iraq. And yes, I still find it incredibly hard to actually post in this thing. I love reading my friends page, but feel like a bum for not posting myself. I used to post a lot of comments, but I have been slacking there recently too. Probably since I can only get on for half hour intervals, and that's never guaranteed. Damn. will you look at that. Im out of time. well guys, Just wanted to say hey and Ill be home soon. Cheryl and I are coming to Florida when I get home so I hope to see some of my friends then.



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