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Red, Gold and Green...

Thad wha i doin

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And now I can post from my iPhone. Will I though? Only time will tell...

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I can use this thing at work! Nothing else works so I guess Ill start using this again.

What's up? Does anyone still use LJ?
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Keisuke.  You have the ultimate potential.  You need only the ultimate teacher.
Your battle aura is strong, but with practice, it
can positively glow.

Which Initial D Character Are You?
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I have nothing to say today. sorry.
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Go to google.com and type in ("your name" needs) And post the 5 funniest ones!!!

Henry needs another month to recover.

Henry needs volunteers.

Henry Needs a Haircut.

Henry needs surgery :(

Henry needs a new pair of shoes.


Current Mood: at work

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Pretty sure I have the saab sold. Barely more than what I still owe on the loan, but It will definately help. Thinking of maybe selling the BMW. I need a hobby. Something to occupy my time/mind. Looking at a shell of a Mk III Supra. Should be able to get that for like $200. then I'll find a 1JZ and the rest will fall into place. Who knows. Anybody know anyone who might be interested in my BMW? It's in great shape.
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I think I've made a post with that subject line before.

So, what's been going on in my life? A whole lot of stuff that all ends up being not much at all.

My wife did leave me for that guy. Two days later she wanted to come back. Im still not sure what really happened. Against my best judgement, I took her back. a few days later came the evacuation order. We both thought that it was in our best interest to go our seperate ways. She went to Florida, while I drove to Memphis. I stayed in Memphis for a week or so, until I got called back to New Orleans for recovery efforts. I was supposed to be there for 45 days, but ended up only being there for a tad ver 2 weeks. Went through some more shit with my wife while I was there. Went almost the entire 2 weeks with no shower or real food. Left there for Atlanta, and that's where I am now. I am living with some friends/coworkers in a very nice apartment. (2600 dollars a month nice) all paid for by the Marine Corps. That's pretty much all. Im still trying to get my life in order. I need to get out of debt and figure out where my stuff is and how to get it here from NY. Im still married, but I dont feel like it sometimes. I dont know what to feel or think anymore. I wish this would all just go away. I havent been happy in what seems like forever.
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Humanoid Engineered for Nocturnal Repair and Yelling

I think this is cool
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Im at an internet cafe right now. it's pretty much the only way for me to access the internet.

So, anyways, trying my best to move on with my life. Im suppossed to call her sometime to work out some details, but for some reason I cant do it quite yet. I dont kn ow if it's because it will make me feel more like shit, or because i just dont want to talk to her.


Current Mood: frustrated

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